Balconies & Fire Escapes

At John Keville Engineering we design, manufacture and install fire escapes and balcony railings for large and small buildings.  We can advise on safety regulations associated with the design of railings, stairs and fire escapes. We also undertake maintenance work on fire escapes. 

A balcony is a substantial steel structure and as such must be designed, manufactured and installed safely and to the relevant regulations.

Its important you consider every aspect including who you finally decide to go with and ask the right questions.

We have be supplying balconies and fire escapes to both private and commercial for years in the Boyle, Sligo, Leitrim, Mayo and general northwest of Ireland.

At John Keville Engineering Ltd, we manufacture and fit a variety fire escapes

When investing in a fire escape it is of upmost importance that you get it right. A fire escape must be safe, fit for purpose and comply with all relevant building regulations.

John Keville Engineering Ltd, works closely with its customers to ensure that the fire escapes and Balconies we manufacture exceeds your expectations.

Working across all sectors John Keville Engineering Ltd have manufactured fire escapes and balconies in schools, hotels, leisure centers, factories, commercial buildings domestic properties ... the list goes on.

Our range of designs span from single flight domestic fire escapes through to multi floored staircase structures all take careful planning and accurate engineering.

We are specialists in replacements that involve the removal of an old fire escape right through to the installation of a new one.



In August 2015 we achieved the CE certificate of conformity of the factory production control, in compliance with the construction products regulation or CPR, Structural components for steel structures – fabrication, welding, sale and supply of structural steel and ancillary components.

Harmonised standard – EN 1090, Execution Class – EXC2

This was a great achievement and we are among a small minority of engineering companies in the northwest who carry this standard.

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